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Insight FAQs (more than just FAQs)

📌 As insightful as some of these FAQs are, insight-alone won’t win us the battle. Only implementation with speed and consistency can do that. It starts here…

At whatever level of Total Web Formula you opt in to, the ‘tech’ is stripped away. It’s either done for you, or you’ll have step-by-step guidance on getting things done yourself using the right tools – a crystal clear path.

With the tech out of the way, the hardest part for most people is letting go of their preconceptions and myths of what they think works.

If your business or idea is anything like the hundreds I’ve already helped over the last decade (chances are it is), there’s a lot we can do right away to position you as a major authority in your marketplace or space. 👉 I call this building your platform for prominence and profit. 👈 This is always the focus. Not tech, and not what others say works.

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If you can dig in over the next 100 days and ‘work the Formula’, you’ll be getting busy working with the kinds of people you want to be working in around 💯 days. But know that this isn’t a push-button thing. Anyone who tries to sell you anything like that isn’t telling you the truth.

Real businesses – ones that rattle their competition, take real (and well directed) work. The hardest part for most people is actually getting centered about precisely WHO they are trying to reach. That’s actually where the real work is.

Once we know exactly who we are trying to reach and help and why, it’s MUCH quicker and easier to find the direction and energy to produce the content that will get the attention of the people we need to reach and get them into our sales funnel.

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Literally a gold mine, check this out:

Based on global averages across all industries, 3% of your market are ready to buy right now. That’s people who are actively seeking out what you have to offer – set to buy your product / pay for your services.

The next 37% are all in some degree open to buying soon, should they come across a person/company that (they feel) they “know”, like and trust to help them achieve their end.

Your chance to clean up…

What’s interesting is that 18% (of this 37% group) are very open (i.e. quite close to buying also) – and these are the ones most of your competitors are completely ignoring.

Chances are your competitors are busy burning cash and time chasing the ‘low hanging fruit’ – that 3% who are ready to buy. But focussing on them doesn’t mean they’ll win them anyway (that “know”, like and trust thing can’t be ignored).

But aside from that, it’s crazy to focus 100% of your marketing efforts on the 3% when there is another huge tier of your market that you can be priming for the business by using a sales funnel approach.

Focussing on 40% of your market, instead of just 3% – it makes sense, and dollars…

By you adopting a ‘sales funnel’ to gradually warm up your leads (i.e. focussing on 40% of your market instead of just 3%) – you create a situation where you constantly have sales dropping because you’ve already built the “know, like and trust factor” before your competitors were even on the scene for your prospect.

By the way, the other 60% of your market (again based on global averages) are made up of 30% of people who think they’re not interested, and the other 30% know they are not interested. But it’s likely that some of the first 30% throughout the year could drop as a sale for you at some stage – all adding to your bottom line.

Adopting a Sales Funnel approach to your ‘web’ means you save masses of time and energy (and ultimately money)

Your Sales Funnel is the thing that automates the time and energy-sucking things you or your staff do everyday in an effort to win people over and generate money-in-the-bank business.

It’s old school…

The idea of a Sales Funnel isn’t new. Businesses have been door knocking and cold calling since the invention of doors and phones – and both are still done today as a means to generate leads and sales – which is essentially building a sales funnel, but manually. It’s tried and true – the numbers always work (only when the follow ups are done). That’s why door knocking and cold calling are still practiced today.

But what the web has done is enabled us to create environment online where we can benefit from the same ‘numbers game’ – except on autopilot – without having to manually:

  • Qualify people (this is huge). The web with a sales funnel approach is actually the best way to qualify people. Done right, people qualify themselves while being sold to without even feeling like they’re being sold to. It’s a win for everybody.

And without having to:

  • Answer every question.
  • Handle every objection.
  • Answer every “What if…?”
  • Physically follow up on time, every time.”

Our sales funnel handles ALL this so that we’re only ever spending our time and energy on qualified leads (i.e. the people we really want to be working with – or – people who took themselves all the way along the sales funnel and ‘booked a spot’ or paid a an amount upfront – or bought and paid in full).

Doesn’t that just take a load off!?

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About this 37%-plus of your market that your competition are ignoring…

Although these people may not be ready to buy right this instant, if we can prove to them (demonstrate to them) that we know and are confident in our position and offering (in a clear, relatable yet authoritative ‘voice’), that we do understand their pain, that we’ve helped others (online we call this ‘Social Proof’) and that we’re willing to help them part of the way upfront (even if it’s just giving them some crucial bits of information that your competitors would be too stingy to give away – even just making the effort to clearly explain what we do *in a much more relatable way*) some of these people will jump into our sales funnel – because they do qualify – which means 3% (like clockwork) will drop as sales when they’re ready.

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For most people, the answer to this is yes.

Your blog is a dynamic part of your website that shows that you’re current. Because blog posts are time stamped, both real people and search engines are noticing whether or not you’re current.

Now depending on your ‘business positioning’ your blog may appear as the focal part of what you’re doing, or just another section of your website – BUT either way – there always needs to be a well directed plan (a BUSINESS plan) – blogging MUST have a purpose or it quickly becomes an obligation that produces no fruit.

On the other hand, blogging purposefully (with a well-directed business plan in place) will always ensure that we’re publishing the right kind of content. That-is content that engages the people that we’re looking to do business with and sending them (willingly) into our Sales Funnel – converting the right ones into qualified prospects, bookings, appointments or sales as they’re ready.

Blogging is a great and stealth way to start ‘owning’ a market. The competition don’t really notice your impact on the market until it’s too late. It’s possible to generate A LOT of leads (and in-turn sales) and become a serious influencer. Blogging is a great vehicle to build what I call, your platform for prominence and profit.

Blogging is most definitely a part of Total Web Formula. The way you leverage ‘blogging’ will depend on your business or idea.

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Yes. Or you can follow my step-by-step formula (free inside) and create it yourself – as a professional would. Yes – it actually isn’t that hard these days at all. I’ll show you… / or I can do it for you…

The website isn’t actually the hard part – it’s what you’re going to put ON your website that’s the more difficult part. That’s where the thought, time and energy needs to be spent. With this said:

Our website is the absolute centerpiece of everything. It’s where we want to drive our traffic and convert it into dollars. Hence the importance of what we put ON our website.

It’s good to keep in perspective that our website is just a container for our content and unless you’re a huge multinational corporation with money and time to burn, a clean and compliant template that looks clean on all devices and behaves like users expect it to will cut huge amounts of time and money off design.

Some people get way too precious about website design. The truth of it is, if you have a clean, compliant design that looks great on any computer or device and behaves as people expect it to, it’s not the design that will make or break you – it is what is ON the website – the CONTENT. You’ve probably heard this one before too: CONTENT IS KING.

Warning: Don’t build on the sand…

Building businesses solely on social channels (without a website) is plain nuts. The problem with doing that (building a business say on Facebook Account or Page only as opposed to having your own website) is that we don’t own or control the site we are building our business on. Crazy.

I’m not just singling out Facebook here. I’m talking about any social channel or platform for building a ‘business page’, ‘blog’ or ‘website’ (((that you don’t own or control))).

Here are just a few problems that I and many I’ve worked with have experienced over the years:

  • The site just deletes your ‘blog’ or ‘page’ – no recourse, you’re hung out to dry. Your work (you thought), your business (you thought) are gone.
  • The site decides that they’ll start slowly introducing advertising making it near impossible for ‘your business’ to get any views, likes or interactions (unless you start paying).
  • The site gets bought out by another company, then other company decides it won’t continue with xyz platform. Gone.
  • The site drives huge amounts of traffic away from you with it’s ‘noise’, distractions and advertising.

Which is why you should always build your business on your own website on your domain that you own and control.

And that’s exactly what I will do for you, or show you how to do yourself…

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I am Dean Kendall and I’m based in Noosa in the State of Queensland, Australia. I help people all over the world with their ‘web’ through Total Web Formula.

I’ve built a vast network and knowledge base over the past 16 years and I help people from a very broad range of fields and industries.

If you have, or are starting a business that you know could benefit from online lead generation, need the web to qualify your traffic and enquiry for you, are interested in maximising your sales via a customised, automated sales funnel that does the heavy lifting for you while you get on with your life and achieving your goals, we should definitely keep talking.

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Starting at Free.

I now put my proven, up-to-date battle-tested Formula out there for free.

I hear you thinking 💭 … if your Formula so successful and powerful, why would you just be giving it away for free? The reason is simply: I cannot help everyone who comes to me for help – at least not personally anyway.

I’ve also learned that not everyone wants personal help anyway. So putting my Formula out there for free is my way of helping ‘everyone’ who wants or needs help – and for those who want to work with me personally on implementing my proven Formula, they’re able to get started from $499 when intakes are open.

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Most people who ‘go wrong’ do so because they don’t quite realise one or more of these things…

  • The web is driven by real people with real challenges.
  • The only way to get their full attention is to ACTUALLY help them.
  • No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. It’s a cliche but its true.
  • *Selling doesn’t sell. What you want to do is educate and deliver some excellent service upfront – the sale is your tip. Working the web is like working for tips. Do a great job and the people that ‘get’ you and what-it-is that you deliver will tip you, recommend you and use you again and again.
  • How much you get paid is directly proportionate to the value you provide the market – your industry… your ‘space’.
  • Becoming an authority and leader in your market, industry or space is about gaining confidence and clarity – getting clear about what it is you offer, WHY you offer it (your ‘Why’) – why what you offer is so different (stand alone) to what others out there are offering and being able to clearly communicate all this in a way that actually helps people. If you genuinely help people (give more upfront than your competition) from a position of clarity and authority without fear (too many to list), you will get paid i.e. make sales.

In fact the global average tells us that if you do what I’ve just been talking about well, that-is get and keep the attention of the people you’d really like to be paid to work with or sell to, 3% (like clockwork) will pay you (i.e. buy from you / do business with you). Yes – for every 100 people that enter your ‘sales funnel’, 3 will convert into sales/money. So the question then becomes – how do we get hundreds of people into our sales funnel? For answers, go here…

Do the hard work (once)

The thing with the web is this – you only need to do the really hard work once. As an example, with the web, you only have to explain things (the intricacies of your business, services or products) once.

Those questions you get everyday that you’re sick of answering… when you use the web to drive your business and qualify your traffic you go from answering those same questions all day-everyday to answering them once every 2 or 3 months!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an earth mover or a jeweler – whether you’re competing with multinational corporations or you’re a cottage or market stall – whether what you sell is similar or the exact same as the others or you’re wildly unique – the formula works for everyone who genuinely applies it.

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More classic mistakes…

  • Thinking it’s all about price.
  • Thinking it’s all about tech.
  • Thinking it’s all about rankings.

No. What it’s about is money-in-the-bank business and working with the people you love to work with – your vocation becoming your vacation and having time to take holidays.

Sure, price-point is part of the marketing equation, we do need tech to achieve our goals and we need to be indexed in Google and others to be seen and visited regularly but getting bogged down in any of these stops cashflow dead. What we need to do is to create a free flowing web that consistently and predictably builds as-well-as sustains what I call our ‘platform for prominence and profits’.

If we stick to our guns long enough, we go from chasing (any) business (at any price) to attracting (the right) business with the right people for a healthy profit.

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*There’s perhaps one exception to the “selling doesn’t sell” point I made above. That is if selling – that’s hard selling, price-slash selling, bargain basement-out-they-go type of selling is your thing – but for that to work on any platform or media it needs to be ‘fun’, funny or have ridiculous factor.

  • I’ve clocked up well over 30,000 hours working on my own and my client’s businesses on the web. I started ‘online’ in 2001.
  • 1000’s of mistakes. 1000’s of wins too.
  • I’m not really someone who loves getting lost in the tech. I like what the web can DO. I’m really more of a marketer and SEO – that’s, one who knows and leverages SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But more than that even…
  • I’m about first understanding your business and goals, helping you attract the right people… the ones you really want to sell to and do business with – using a simple sales funnel to constantly warm and qualify so that you’re always ‘speaking’ with a larger group of prospects than your competition – the aim: a stream of sales and sign ups.
  • I learned the art of selling in the real world (retail and B2B) and took it online back in 2001. Time ‘in the game’ and staying in the game means knowing what works and what doesn’t as things change.
  • I’ve learned that the web is the best lead generator and salesperson you’ll ever employ.
  • I learned long ago that a website is only the beginning… there needs to be a TOTAL, formulaic approach to the web for a business to really reap benefits from the web and not just spin their wheels – which is where ‘Total Web Formula’ came from – and this ‘web’ needs be joined (seamlessly united) to a real business that know what they do, why they do it, has clear goals and can relate to real people. This is what I’ve learned. And I continue learning – I see some things change, and others remain the same.

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