7 Quick Ways To Use Twitter To Grow Your Local Business

Local Business on Twitter

In recent years I’ve found the local businesses I work with who do make quick, focused daily efforts on Twitter, do over time win some big edges over their competition. Using Twitter to grow your local business can increase foot traffic (and web traffic), regardless of the business you’re in.

The beauty of it is, once you’ve actioned the few things listed below (I’ve found some things only need doing once, or once in a while), you can run it all from your smartphone in five minutes a day – even less. The trick is to use Twitter wisely, otherwise yes, I will be a waste of your time.

First we’ll want to make a few quick tweaks to our Twitter profile. We want to better our chances of reaching our valuable, local audience.

1. Optimize Your Twitter Bio For Local Search

  1. Always enter your specific business location (including State and Postcode or Zip – and your Phone number) in your Twitter Bio area.
  2. Include a local keyword phrase somewhere in your Twitter bio as well – that is: a phrase a local potential customer might type into Google or Bing when trying to find a business or solution like yours. In the example below the keyword phrase is: ‘coffee roastery melbourne’.

Market Local Business Twitter

Doing this will help those who are searching for local businesses (on Twitter) find you on Twitter. I’ve found the local businesses I work with who do this will often get a spike in followers from other local businesses as well.

Another added bonus may also be some extra eyes to your business from search engines such as Google and Bing. You’ll see by the image below that ‘locally optimized’ Twitter bios do come up in Google searches which does drive targeted traffic to local business.

Twitter For Local Business

2. Connect With Local Twitter Users and Grow Your Local Audience

There are a number of great ways to connect with local Twitter users…

  • NOTE: that whether a User is following you or not, you can interact (or perhaps get the attention of) a User by mentioning them. Simply place the @ symbol before their username in your tweet. Here’s an example: “Had a great meal at @username tonight. Try their wood fired pizzas – they’re awesome.”
  • Twitter Directories and Lists can be good for finding local Users. WeFollow is a good place to start. Twitter Grader and TwitterCounter are also very good for pinpointing influential Twitter Users from your local area or city. To zero in on Users by location and keyword, Follower Wonk and Twellow work well.

3. Look For, and Connect With (and Follow) The Followers of Local Businesses on Twitter

When using the Directories and Lists mentioned above, look at the followers of local businesses (as-well-as the businesses themselves). Theres a good chance these local business followers will also be interested in what you and your local business has to offer.

4. Follow Local News and Discussions

Using Twitter Advanced Search can help us follow, and stay on top of local news and discussions. Adding to the conversation (without pitching) is a great way learn more about Twitter itself – and a great way to draw in targeted local Twitter Users (potential customers) week to week.

5. Try Bing Maps with Twitter

Bing Maps with Twitter allows you to embed a map on your own website, blog or Facebook Page that displays all local activity on Twitter that is relevant to your business!

With Bing Maps with Twitter embedded  on your website or blog, you can show what real people are up to close by, right now. This can gives local service based businesses (like yours) a great way to highlight nearby services and attractions and further engage your website visitors.

Here are step by step instructions for using this app – there is also a video that explains exactly how Bing Maps with Twitter works and the benefits of embedding a Twitter Map on your website or blog. If you’d like help with this feel free to contact me.

6. Tweet Something That Is Genuinely Helpful To Locals, Every Day

By becoming the go-to person or business in your local area, you’ll naturally attract the locals – and people visting your area.

Pay it forward by referencing other local businesses. Also…

7. Help Other Local Businesses Get On, and Use Twitter

Help build the community. Become a leader and get more genuine followers :)


A good plan may be to do one of the things (mentioned above) each day for the first 7-10 days. If you do, then continue investing a few minutes each day on your smartphone, foot traffic (and web traffic) to your business should increase over time.

It’s also about becoming an authority in your marketplace which in-turn can increase your personal profile and increase the value of your local business. The key is to make a habit out of it.

The truth is; most of your competitors won’t be bothered with doing this, but in three months time, when you have been consistent with it, you will have positioned your business as a clear leader in your industry and community – and you’ll likely be enjoying more enquiry and foot traffic through your efforts.

How are you using Twitter for your local business?

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