How To Reach More Buyers

How To Reach More Buyers

How To Reach More Buyers

The myth goes, that to reach more buyers we need to reach more people. This is kind of true (generally)… but on the web – not true.

On the web – Relevance Rules.

On the web it’s about cutting through the noise and busy-ness and reaching deep and directly into the motivations and feelings of our Target Customer/Client (our Buyer). Not everyone.

The scatter gun approach on the web is a waste of our of time and energy. We can put in many hours (and/or dollars) of effort in, and get zero return. Have you done this before? I certainly have. And many businesses continue doing it everyday.

Reaching more buyers on the web is about producing precise messages – that is Content that is super-targeted and highly relevant to our potential Buyers. It seems straight forward enough doesn’t it? But ask yourself, are you really doing it?

How about your ‘core’ messages… say on your Home and About Pages of your website – how Targeted are these messages to your ideal (or most qualified) Buyers?

Here’s what I mean…

Will your buyer get the message (in seconds) that you:

  1. Provide EXACTLY what they are looking for?
  2. And that you will do it (whatever you do) better than the others? Why (exactly) are you different?

Over the years I’ve had people ask me to look at their website (because it doesn’t make them enough, or any money).

Often with these sites it takes me more than a minute to actually uncover exactly what their business actually does (what they can do for me). I know it takes more than a minute because I set a stopwatch on my phone. Very often it runs closer to 2 or more minutes – sometimes I can’t work it out – at all!

On the web we only have seconds (not minutes) to get the attention of our potential Buyers. It’s for this this reason we must be super RELEVANT to our Potential Buyers.

In my next Post I’ll reveal an actual 3 ingredient formula for reaching more buyers. This will be a small but really important step for you in clarifying what it is you do and why your potential Buyer should care or take action.

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