A 3 Ingredient Formula For Reaching More Buyers

Formula For Reaching Buyers

Quickly before we start – let’s just qualify what is meant by ‘Buyers’ in the title of this post. Buyers are not ‘the Crowd’, and they are not ‘the Market’ – they are the Buyers – future paying Customers and Clients. Never confuse reaching a Crowd with reaching Buyers.

As mentioned in my previous post, how to reach more buyers, reaching buyers is about being relevant to Buyers, not just reaching a crowd.

Okay lets get into it…

The formula I’m sharing with you today is one that leading Marketers and Copywriters use for creating powerful slogans for businesses and brands…

The Ingredients

The ingredients of a powerful slogan (that help businesses reach more buyers) are:

  1. Position
  2. Difference
  3. Value

The reason this formula (for nailing a slogan) can work so well for reaching more Buyers is because is distills the pure essence of:

  • What (exactly) we do
  • What makes us different
  • The value we deliver (unique)

When we’re using the right (or a right) slogan or tagline, potential buyers can be hit by our slogan or tagline and very quickly (even subconsciously) decide to buy or do business with us.

The Formula

  • We want our slogan to be ideally 5 words or less. Anything over that and Buyers are tuning out.
  • We need to clearly Position ourselves (in the first bit) – that is: clearly communicate what we do (even if it means blatantly stating that – e.g. we sell furniture, …) – this is a good idea by the way – if someone isn’t able to tell precisely what we do right away we’re hosed from the start (particularly if we’re not a recognised brand yet).
  • We then need to communicate our difference and value – succinctly – that’s clear, precise expression in as few words as possible.

Sure this isn’t easy, but if you spend some time on it (usually some weeks) you’ll nail a great one for your business.

Below is just one example ‘framework’ you could use to put a slogan together. This is a powerful framework as it gets you to define exactly what you do, and state your Differentiation [wordnetweb.princeton.edu] and Unique Value Proposition [Wikipedia].

It may take weeks to distill your most powerful slogan but it’s worth it.

When Buyers can instantly resonate with your slogan or tagline, sales go up.

You could start here…

We do X, but we deliver Y

Here we state exactly what we do (that’s X), then clearly communicate our difference and value (that’s the Y).

Note that your Difference and Value Proposition can be merged into 1 or 2 words.

Here’s an example I put together on the fly…

We sell furniture, but deliver lifestyle.

The ‘but’ can even in-a-way disqualify your competitors from getting a real look in because: you deliver (Y) – Buyers are constantly drawn back to you because you DELIVER (Y) – no one else outright states this clear point of DIFFERENCE and VALUE.

See what I mean?

You don’t of-course have to use the exact framework above – it’s just an easy place to start because it helps you quickly define your exact Position, Difference and Value – in other words; your What (you do) and Why (your difference/unique value).

Here are some examples of famous slogans – notice the recognised brands play a lot on feelings…

4 Famous Slogan Examples

  • Between love and madness lies Obsession. – Calvin Klein’s “Obsession”
  • M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand. – M&M candies
  • We’re number two; we try harder. – Avis Rental Cars
  • Everything is easier on a Mac. – Apple

4 Rules for Creating a Successful and Lasting Slogan That Gets You More Buyers

  • Don’t exaggerate. It will always sound unbelievable.
  • Be succinct. 5 words or less or they tune out.
  • If you can be funny (that’s truly LOL funny – not lame), it can sometimes really work.
  • Take as much time as you need to come up with ‘the one’.


A great slogan gives you an instant credibility lift. People immediately know what you do, and why they need to buy from (or through) you.

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