How To Be Everywhere and Why it’s Important


Have you ever noticed that some brands or businesses, even small local ones are everywhere?

Often it is just that they are everywhere to us.

Meaning – they’ve targeted us (or our demographic) very specifically.

They pop up on Facebook, on LinkedIn – they may even pop up in a Banner Ad when you’re on YouTube or another popular website that you visit for a very specific purpose.

But this business is relatively small – medium at most !?

How do they do it?

And the big question – is it working for them? (as-in making them money)

Let’s answer the first question first…

How do they do it?

There are a number of ways. Here are the common ones…

  1. They produce valuable content regularly on their own website through a blog.
  2. They syndicate their content across multiple social channels. Meaning – they post the URL (exact address) of their content (say a blog post) in multiple places. Example: Their Facebook PAGE, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and perhaps more. You can do this too using a tool like Hootsuite which saves a lot of time.
  3. They conduct targeted Facebook advertising.
  4. They may do the same with Google Adwords by having their banners display strategically (by choice) on certain highly trafficked sites.

There are of course many other ways to be ‘everywhere’, but these are the common ones.

1 and 2 (above) cost time – they require thought, care and commitment.

3 and 4 will see you leverage that time, thought, care and commitment you’ve put into 1 and 2 and cost money. But – because you’ve taken the time and care to find out what your market responds to with 1 and 2 first, what you do with 3 and 4 will almost certainly be profitable.

Is it working for them?

If you’re seeing them pop up over a period of weeks or months, the answer is very likely – yes.

Why would a smart and driven business keep injecting money and effort into such an exercise without return?

Why is it important to be “everywhere”?

It’s important that people within your market see you as everywhere because:

  1. Although they may see you pop up (even for months), they may not have need for you, or really realise they need you – for months.
  2. It is well documented that even when links or ads are clicked, on average only 3 or 4 in one hundred clicks will actually produce a sale of some kind. But, that 3-4 is sure if you really know your market.

In business it is good thing to resolve to be ‘everywhere’ (to our ideal customers/clients).

Although this is a challenge, and requires thought, time and commitment. It is work that will eventually pay off. Most business owners just aren’t prepared to do it. The few that do win business – consistently. Because of their consistency.

Consistency is one thing, but being ‘everywhere’ (to your buyers) is also about getting to know and understand your buyers, and how to really reach them.


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