User Base. Think User Base – Then Traffic Won’t Be a Problem

User Base

I was approached twice this month by business owners who were open to re-looking at the way their websites drive traffic and revenue. Both asked me for advice on what I think they should do.

In this post I’m going to share some of the advice I gave.

Whatever business you’re in, you are probably going to find a percentage of what I shared with these business owners either thought-provoking, or valuable for pin-pointing some immediately-actionable changes you could make to help you get some more traffic and/or increase your revenue.

Some points may not be relevant to you at all. That’s okay. Just take away what you need.

  1. Set up your site (or portions of) so your visitors, clients, market… could ‘run’ (that portion of your site) for you. Give people massive incentive to engage (i.e. create profiles > content… ). User Generated Content model.
  2. Let (visitors, clients, the market… ) fill the site up with content > you monitor/modify and monetize.
  3. Solidify the framework (branding, layout, flow, make it super clear for people to know what they should do and why).
  4. Plug up any holes and any inconsistencies (in your messages/sales copy).
  5. Get REALLY clear on what you want to communicate to each Profile (e.g. Customers, Retailers, Clients or whoever you’re talking to).
  6. *****ANSWER: What’s in it for me? Why would I? (for each Profile) – be succinct.
  7. The above is also closely tied in with your SEO Titles and Descriptions.
  8. Speak succinctly (in fifth grade language) to ALL Profiles in your text. Nobody has time to guess/interpret – no matter how smart they are.
  9. People need to know: this means YOU – now – call them to action (clearly). Use short, sharp sentences/questions for call-to-action headings and tags, and use bold buttons for actual calls to action.
  10. Try Hello Bar to REALLY highlight your HIGHEST priority call-to-action. Test different ones.
  11. Approach (select) key people within certain Profiles (personally). Give them (or point them to) something of great value (first) – then show them how to get even more good value – e.g. by taking XYZ action (say Registering, or Creating a Profile) at your site. But NOTE: Make sure you have given them a serious value before you ask them to do anything. Hint: Education (genuine aha moments) provide excellent value.
  12. Once everything is ‘set’ and CLEAR – buy some traffic and test your landing page conversions.
  13. Leverage Social – big time. Make EVERYTHING easily shareable.
  14. Collect emails. Give people a SUPER good reason(s) to get email updates. If traffic ever dies, you still have the DIRECT connection with your audience (with permission). Imagine if you had of collected just 3% of peoples emails since opening your site/business – just 3%…. would you have a traffic problem? User base. Think User base – then traffic won’t be a problem.

What of these could you implement? What would you add to this list? Feel free to ask questions or make comments below.

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