How Important is Twitter?

how important twitter

Today I was again asked: How important is Twitter?

I think Twitter is important for many reasons – and I also think Twitter has scope and has made way for even more scope that is yet to be realised. But in this quick post I’ll answer the “How Important is Twitter” question for brands and businesses.

So – How Important is Twitter for Brands and Businesses?

My answer is: Very. It’s certainly part of ‘Total’ Web Formula and here’s why:

Twitter like all ‘social outreach’ or social broadcasting gives you a ‘constant’ – a constant line that’s always ‘out there’ pointing prospects back to your business.

Over time your Twitter feed forms the story of your brand – of what you do, what you think is important – what you value – how you talk to people – it’s a public display of your brand made of tweets that tell your story (over time) and give prospects (the ones who use and value Twitter, even if they’re new to it), a good sense of who you are, what you do and how you ‘roll’.

It also shows that you’re PRESENT – which is hugely important. Presence.

If I, your Twitter-using-prospect see you are (or you have) been fairly consistently posting, and that you’ve posted as recently as the last few days, this demonstrates that you are in business, doing business – a going concern – you’re ready for me.

And notice where I said ‘over time’ above – that’s important. When people see you’ve been consistent over time it builds a small (but another) layer of trust. Trust is an essential part of turning prospects into payers. Which is what Total Web Formula is all about :-) – so the best time to get Twitter setup and start tweeting is now.

Do you have any thoughts, ideas or experiences you’d like to share about using Twitter? Just use the comments section below.

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