Making Distinctions

dean kendall making distinctions

Photo by Josh Sorenson

Making distinctions isn’t popular. It isn’t sexy. It takes longer. It takes real patience. Even humility.

Being able to make distinctions means taking the time to really understand a person or a thing.

It means asking more questions internally, and outwardly. It means we may have to be happy ‘living in the question’ for a while – happy not having certain answers for a time so that we can begin to understand the nuances of a thing.

Making the distinction may even mean we go macro (focus nearer) on a part of something we thought we already understood.

Making the distinction might even mean second-guessing once or twice. It’s not about not-having confidence. It’s about getting real confidence.

When we don’t make distinctions, we tend to make assumptions.

We throw the baby out with the bathwater. Maybe even burn our blessing.

We nearly had it – but we were positive we didn’t – so we gave it all up. Turns out, we were just one distinction away from success.

Any thoughts?

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