Forget The Job Market, Stand Alone In The Value Market

stand alone
Yesterday I dropped in on my neighbour and like so many others in recent times, she’d just lost her job.

She was worried, but she had a plan.

The job she lost was ‘in retail’. She didn’t love it. And it wasn’t what she really wanted to do.

What she really loves to do is care for people. That’s the VALUE she delivers. That’s what she does and would do – anyway.

Without being paid for it.

She loves doing it.

And her care delivers tremendous value to those on the receiving end of it.

She mentioned she was looking at doing a course in aged care. Naturally, I encouraged her, then mentioned that I happen to know some people who started a registered training organisation in aged care some years ago and they had courses running all over the country now and online.

But then I flipped her thinking.

This is what I said…

Once you have your certificates, in a relatively short time from now – instead of going out and competing in the ‘job market’, why not go and stand alone in the ‘value market’.


value market


So what do I mean by “…stand alone in the value market.”

Well, in the job market you and I are just a commodity.

And commodities, like say tomatoes, beans or milk have set values that fluctuate with the market.

There are very few allowances or distinctions made about the quality of a batch or individual items. And the value? That’s set. It’s just a commodity.

Tomatoes today in any given city are worth a certain amount per kilo.

And an entry-level aged care worker is worth a certain amount per day.

But that’s the job market, which is a commodity market.

What about the value market?

That’s a whole nother thing.


In the value market you stand alone

For example, my neighbour, there’s no one like her.

And the same goes for you.

The way she cares for people and what she delivers is completely unique.

And like certain people warm to you, certain people warm to her, naturally.

She doesn’t need to go and compete in the job market where she’s just a commodity, busting a gut to half-serve more people than she can handle for less money than she deserves – and giving people half the care they deserve.

Instead, she can get her certificates, build a simple but strong web presence and system for establishing her credibility, authority and care and almost immediately find 4 or 5 aged individuals or couples in her immediate community minutes from her home who would be delighted to pay her directly, and well, for her focused and personalised care.

Now she’s in the value market.

While she operates in the value market her clients get focused care – where they can get to know and trust one person – who happens to be the head of the organisation.

In the value market, her clients are happy to pay (often more) to receive focused, individualised care. Care they simply can’t get elsewhere. Care they’ll tell their friends about.


Here’s the recipe…


(That is you love what you do so much you would do it or are doing it already, anyway.)


(You care enough to make it excellent and done – as opposed to perfect and not done. Speed of implementation on the web and in business in general is paramount.)

**  Expertise

** Authority

** Trust

** Value

(Value that’s easy to see and understand – so many miss this.)

** Simple Calls-To-Action

Deliver (You’ll follow through, consistently.)

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** Expertise, Authority, Trust, Value and Simple Calls-To-Action – these are the things the web can so quickly, easily and effectively help you deliver to people so that you can stand alone in the ‘value market’.



You have it (value)

If you’re still here, you do have value that you can deliver those who would (and will) see it as valuable.

What is it? (Your value)

What do you see standing in the way of you delivering it? (Your value)

Let us know in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to respond and help out.

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