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“Total Web Formula is about owning the difference between just having a website, and using the web as a pathway to prominence and profits…”
Dean Kendall

About Dean Kendall

Creator and Founder of Total Web Formuladean kendall

Hey it’s Dean.

Over the past decade I’ve helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs of all types truly leverage the power of the web. My methodologies have helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for my clients – my core drive being:

“Helping you build your platform for prominence and profit.”

Here’s a bit of my story…

My fascination (or more amusement) with marketing actually started when I was about 9 years old. My cousin and I would create our own ad campaigns inspired by the ridiculous ads we saw on TV and inside our Archie and Mad comics.

We’d recite our campaigns to each other, record them on cassette players and later create them on postcards and posters when I moved interstate to from Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) to Queensland. The whole idea was to laugh, really hard. And we did.

We both ended up in marketing though. My cousin a copywriter, and I eventually would wind up a web marketer. I took the long and winding route. When I finished high school I chose to become a Barber.

After serving my apprenticeship as a Barber, the bands some friends and I formed in high school began getting quite a few gigs and we were travelling fairly regularly. Music mostly took care of my twenties but by the late 90’s it was time to get a haircut and a real job. I was determined to get a job in new car sales in Sydney (Australia) – and I did.

After 3 years selling new cars I backed myself to start up a new car broker service. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was 2001. I lasted 3 months. I ran out of money and was forced back to retail… this time selling white goods :-/

Although this completely sucked, as part of being hired by this white goods company, they flew me interstate and put me through super-rigorous sales training. It was full on! Most of the guys doing training with me absolutely hated it, and rightly so. But I decided to treat it as training for working inside my own business (I was already plotting my escape).

3 months later I was completely brainwashed with the best sales training known to man. I went back into car sales and began selling like a machine. I was still working my car brokering business, but it was only running at a trickle because my day job consumed so much of my time and energy.

It was around this time a friend convinced me that a website could be the answer. Interestingly Google was barely 3 years old at the time.

There was no way I could justify the insane amount of money a website was going to cost to have built back in 2001 and after Googling “how to build your own website” for months without finding a result I was satisfied with I remember thinking: “I wonder if my fancy new computer has something installed on it that could help me?”

Two minutes later I was building my first website in Frontpage (not recommended).

I wrestled with Frontpage for months and eventually I had my own website! And then it hit me… (as it hits everyone once they finally have there fancy website up) – I need traffic!

I began advertising on Adwords back in 2002. As you probably know at that time anyone could buy stacks of quality traffic for a few bucks a day. The phone started ringing within in 45 minutes of me setting up my first campaign. I was shocked, and very encouraged.

I began working my business full time again but the obsession and focus became the marketing. In particular, marketing on the internet. I built more sites and completely immersed myself in positioning offers now as an affiliate as well, driving traffic and converting that traffic into revenue.

The next 4 years were landmark times on the internet. Facebook in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and then there was the “Google Slap” which meant no more cheap Adwords traffic – and certainly not for one and two page sites (landing pages). Adwords Quality Score and SEO were the new obsessions – along with working out Social Media.

While I was learning the ropes of internet marketing… Copywriting, SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising and finally WordPress, I supplemented my income by contracting to an Automotive Sales Training company in Sydney (Australia). It was a stretching role that had me speaking/presenting, consulting (selling training) and actually administering training inside car dealerships.

Working inside various multi-million dollar businesses alongside the owners and their staff certainly gave me every chance to increase my own business acumen. I learned all I could. I was also able to help many of these businesses successfully leverage the still new opportunity of the internet.

In 2008 I remodelled my new car broker business to go 100% online. This move freed me to completely dedicate my time to internet marketing and consulting. I began consulting to other businesses and companies – helping them generate new streams of leads and revenue by managing their PPC campaigns and providing SEO services.

I’ve had the privilege of working inside a wide variety of businesses large and small in the last 10 years, and although a lot of hard work has been done on computers at desks, I’ve also had a lot of contact with real people – some riding waves of success, others with serious business challenges.

I think it’s important to keep people at the center of everything we do as entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, consultants, coaches, leaders, artists and bloggers. I think we can too easily get carried away with misleading and incomplete data and boggy techo crap.

It’s important to keep top-of-mind that the people that we are trying to reach and influence are real, actual people. I find that as I keep that front and center, everything flows better – I produce better-reaching campaigns and more helpful content.

Anyway enough from me. I wish you all the best in your businesses and entrepreneurial exploits!

I hope you enjoy my Posts and get lots out of them. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know what you think.

Best regards,

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