In around 30 minutes or less you’ll have…

✔ Your new (FREE) Domain.

✔ WordPress installed on your new Domain.

✔ A ‘Coming Soon’ message – giving you a chance to get your prepare your website content.

…that’s the rock solid foundation of your ‘web’ laid.

This post is perfect for anyone starting a new business, or re-launching an existing business on a new domain.


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Okay, here’s Step 1

You’re about to become a webmaster – which means you need a Google Account. Google has traffic (customers, clients, buyers and awesome free tools and resources for web masters).

If you have a email address, that means you have a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account yet, sign up for one here now – it’s free.

If you use anything other than Gmail for your email right now, be sure to follow the prompts in Gmail to transition your other email over to Gmail.

Gmail is excellent at filtering spam (automatically) and will be great for managing your website email. We’ll cover that when we get to it but for now sign up for a Google account.

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You’ll see I’m not big on long winded explanations about why we do this-and-that in Total Web Formula. You’ll find that everything will become apparent as we go. Total Web Formula is all about chalking up the big wins, quickly – the fastest path to RESULTS.


Step 2

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2.1 ?  Get your FREE Domain and solid Hosting HERE from Bluehost (opens new tab)

? And be sure to use your email address when signing up at Bluehost.
2.2 Next, click ‘Get Started Now’.
2.3 Recommending the ‘Prime’ Package.
2.4 In the ‘new domain’ box, enter the domain you want but be sure to…

Aim for 2-3 out of  7 (or higher) of the points below when choosing your free domain:

  • Easy to remember and/or memorable.
  • Easy to type and read.
  • Relevant to brand or business, or the exact Brand or Business name.
  • Descriptive (say of the service provided or solution delivered).
  • Shorter (rather than longer).
  • Avoid dashes and numbers unless they are part of the brand or business name.
  • .com is king. | .com owns the brand/business.


Step 3

You’re now only 7 quick steps away from having WordPress installed on your domain with a ‘Coming Soon’ notice.

3.1 Login to your Bluehost Account (if you’re not already).

3.2 Click through Slide Presentation below

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How to use the Slide Presentation

Skip to Step 3 (Slide 5) on the Slide Presentation below IF you’ve already followed everything above and just follow the steps from there. Click a slide to move to the next, or use the arrows to go forward and back.

Here is the PDF version of the slides in case that works better for you.


Step 4

Let’s keep working together…

Regardless of where you’re up to now with your ‘web’… whether you’ve managed to get your WordPress website up yourself yet or not, I’d be happy to help you from here – practically, as well as sharing more with you.

I’m confident that if we had the chance to work together, you’d start taking charge of your ‘web’ and begin seeing yourself come into a position of prominence in your marketplace or space… taking ownership of what I call ‘your platform for prominence and profit’.

That’s what Total Web Formula’s about.

But before you (or I) commit to anything to grand here-now, I’d like to give you something that I believe will be of very high value to you… whether we wind up working together or not…

…it’s my Formula for making sure that you (your business) is impossible to go past (irresistible) for the people you are looking to get the attention of and influence. On the practical side, this is will help you come up with content you need for your website and your entire ‘web’. But not ordinary content – content that grows your business and generates revenue for you.

I’m even going to go out on a limb here and say that this could be a ‘missing link’ for you. At minimum it’s something to check.

The reason I say this (about the missing link thing) is that only a tiny fraction of the business owners that I come into contact with ‘get’ this stuff and are truly getting the attention of the people they want to.

As you can imagine, there’s a bit of an art to this (being impossible to go past… being irresistible) …it’s also a science. And of course it’s NOTHING to do with the technology.

It’s more like a mindset, a standpoint… a position – and I’ve got a formula that will trigger your irresistibility for you (personally) – for your business…

…then, inside Total Web Formula, (intake closing soon) we can take the steps to help you practically get it all to the web (from wherever you’re at now) so that you can start cutting through the noise of the web around your market, out-positioning your competition and winning the love, attention and wallets of your best possible customers or clients.

Then get onto how you can start ‘fasttracking’ your results. What do you think?

To access to the ‘Irresistible Formula’ (no strings attached), and a special opportunity and offer for us to work together inside Total Web Formula so you can start ‘fasttracking’ your results, click the button below…

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Download The ‘Irresistible Formula’ + a chance for us to work together ‘fasttracking’ inside Total Web Formula from wherever you are now…



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