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The “Irresistible Formula”

Hey it’s Dean here Creator and Founder of Total Web Formula and in this special training I’ll be sharing with you The Formula For Making Your Business IrresistibleThe “Irresistible Formula”. 

The powerful exercises and questions on this page are specially designed to trigger you to come up with your own unique and powerful angles and offerings – the words that will form your business’s core message and content – the stuff that stops the people you want the attention of, and want to be doing business with in their tracks.

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Total Web Formula’s all about laying the right foundations early and quickly… paving the fastest path to RESULTS.


The real world, digital world link…

Much of the drive of the exercises and training here comes from an ‘offline thinking’ (a pre-internet thinking) – the notion that offline (or at least the ‘real world’) is where our prospect’s real problems, challenges and desires all began. Even if their problems, challenges or wants are digital – they’re real.

And now they need us. They just don’t know that they need (want/desire actually – more on this later) us. Yet. What’s certain is that they’ll go online to find us – but will we be there to be found?

Also by ‘offline thinking’ I mean that much of the psychology of what we’re covering here in this “Irresistible Formula” training has been understood and used very successfully for a long time – long before business and the internet met. The truth is, by-and-large, our core drivers, motivations and fears as humans didn’t change when the internet arrived.

There are a couple important points and distinctions to make before we dive in to the training though…

1. Cultural Change

People have MUCH less patience ‘these days’ – there’s more cars on the roads and more traffic on the internet. Everything’s going faster and there’s a perception that we somehow have less time. Of course it is that the ‘culture of today’ demanding more of our time so people ‘have less time’ and are therefore quicker to judge what they perceive will be a waste of their time.

The takeaway: We must be clear and concise. And authoritative.

2. Generational Uprise

For most of us alive in ‘this time’, it is a perfectly normal to use the internet to educate ourselves, justify, validate and even go through with an actual purchase (online). For those just being born and for those under 25 years old there was and will be, in-a-way ‘never anything different’.

The takeaway: We’ve got to really ‘get’ (the web) and do ‘our web’ right – and in a total way. Because: Everyone’s ‘web game’ is only getting stronger as the future unfolds.

Check yourself on this…

Now it could be very easy to dismiss this stuff (we’re about to do) off hand. And that’s why so many would-be entrepreneurs, influencers, consultants, coaches, creatives… business owners fail to get the attention of the people they are trying to influence and do business with.

It may even feel or sound like you’ve “heard this stuff before” but I urge you to commit to full follow-through on this training despite that. It will definitely be worth it for you.

So yes – I’m going to ask that you fight any immediate urges to dismiss these exercises and really commit to digging for the gold that you’ll need to really stop the people you’re trying to reach in their tracks and reel them in.

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The truth is:

A very large percentage businesses (ones already out there – including your competitors) are average at communicating EXACTLY what they DELIVER to their potential customers and clients – which means…


…if we get this right, we can pretty much immediately start taking and enjoying our share of the business that’s already being done in our market or space – from a standing start!


Many of my clients and Total Web Formula Members have experienced this first hand.



What are the others doing wrong, and why it’s good for us…

Although it may be clear what service or products they (‘others’) offer, very often it’s not at all clear how they deliver what they deliver?

What’s different about the way they deliver it.

Why it’s better? for ME (personally) (are they showing me they ‘get’ me – their potential customer or client)?

So many businesses out there are unclear about what-it-is (exactly) they deliver. I’ll get into more depth on the whole ‘deliver’ thing in a minute but for now in short, as a potential client or customer of yours, I MUST 100% understand very quickly (in a second. 2 at most) what RESULT you would/could be delivering me.

Now – hold that thought and consider this – ‘the voices’ factor…

I hear voices…

These are the automatically negative voices of our prime prospect – voices of doubt, objections, distrust, past experiences, biases and buts – all of which must acknowledged and addressed if we are going to cut through the noise and get our ideal prospect’s attention.

Ones like…

  • “What makes you any different?”
  • “I’ve heard ALL this before.”
  • “Yeah that’s what they all say” (regurgitating each others catch phrases and promises).
  • “Do you have proof of that?”
  • “But do you… [enter most common unmet need in your market]?”. It might be “But do you deliver or open on weekends?”, or “But do you offer payment plans?”. You get the idea.
  • “But how can I be sure this will work out for ME?”
  • “But what about [enter prospect’s number one fear or fears]?”

With all the above in mind…


It’s now time to trigger YOUR “Irresistible Formula”

Just before we start…

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Complete each task as quickly as you can.


Answer the first thing that comes into your mind. Don’t overthink any of it.


Yes, consider what we covered and learned above but there’s ‘no wrong’ for now – just put down your first thoughts.


Use an old school legal pad – pen and paper for this exercise. ?


Move through this as fast as you can – keep a flow on.


Last thing: I transfer this Formula to you not by giving you the best answers but by asking you the best questions. ?

Okay, here goes…


The Magnificent Seven

The 7 pillars our Irresistibility is built on.

1. The One Image

What is the [one] image you have (or have permission to use) that sums up what you do… your brand… your story… your “you’ve got me” (for your would-be prime customers/clients) … your “vibe”?

– Do you have this image yet? Yes or No?

– If you could give it a short Title or Caption, what would it be?


2. What do you do?

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For the rest of this training and exercise, I’m going to ask that you NOT answer the following questions in an ‘official’ tone or with big, fanciful or overly descriptive words.


The reason I make a point of saying this is because most of us left unchecked will use our ‘written word’ ‘voice’ that our education and schooling gave us. But to relate, we need to find use our ‘relational’ voice – but in writing. Our day to day speaking voice.


So – answer the questions as if you were answering a friend in front of you. Make sure you catch yourself ‘being official’ and be sure that you use a ‘tone’ that a friend would warm to, and that a fifth grader would completely understand and ‘get’. ?



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Quick Target Check before we jump into it…


? Who are the people that if only they knew you existed, would do business with you without question?


It is those people we are speaking to in these exercises. The people who would ‘get’ you if only they knew you were there. No “selling” needed.


⚡ With this in mind, it’s just a matter of best describing what you offer, succinctly, and in way these people will immediately RELATE to.


Knowing exactly WHO you’re speaking to (knowing your target) brings a confidence. An authoritative ‘voice’ that can be trusted. There’s no need to use superlatives or oversell – which makes you more irresistible to those who matter. ?



Now – what do you do?

One short line that sums it all up. (The answer to this question is your Tagline)

A trigger for your Tagline could also be:

  • Why are you different?
  • What will I get?

Let suppose I was a prime prospect of yours. This Tagline should ‘sum it up’ for me (i.e. either: What you DELIVER, Why you’re different or What I’ll get), but still leave me dying of curiosity (so I’m still compelled to come towards you).

Inside, our prospect needs to be saying: “Tell me more!”, or “How…?”

This may (or may not) take quite a few goes to get it just right but right now, for this exercise, just write down the first line that comes to you without any judgment at all. Don’t get stuck. If you can’t think of anything within seconds, move on straight away to the next point.

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Remember: Your friend has to warm to it, and a 5th grader has to get it.


3. What’s in it for me?

Now we’re going to craft a Description.

You want to elaborate slightly, but sum it all up in 2 short sentences. Go for benefit and/or outcome driven – straight to the point without being overly salesy. Same again, first things that come into your head.

Yes I know this isn’t easy but if we don’t begin to know (and own) this stuff now, our prime prospect won’t even have the chance to reject us – we’ll just never be seen or heard (i.e. we won’t cut through the noise of the market and the internet). We need to get clear on these things to get visible and clickable on the web ?.

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Being able to accurately describe what we deliver and offer is the essence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that-is being visible and clickable in the search engines (like Google) and in social channels like Facebook and Twitter.


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4. Elaborate Further

(Expound in paragraphs and bullets – draw us in)

Most businesses make the mistake of making their content about themselves, instead of the people they want to reach.

They make the mistake of talking about facts and features only.

Don’t just list Features – talk about your customer’s OUTCOMES with you – the ADVANTAGES they’ll have and the BENEFITS they’ll get. Make it about them, not about you.

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? What will THEY get?
? What/How will THEY feel?
? What results/outcomes will THEY experience?
? WHY will they (the above)?
? What assurance do THEY have?
? Why will it be better?

Nail these and you’ll generate a lot more fans, likes, leads and sales from the web.


5. What Should I Do Now?


What’s the next step? Make it clear. Example: Make Contact, Get in Touch, Get a Quote, Speak to an Expert, Book Online, Find Out More.

What will your primary Call-To-Action be?

If this Call-To-Action was a link or button, what page or content would this Call-To-Action link to? To enquiry form? A particular offer?


6. Then What?

What else do we want them to do?

Call us? Fill out a form? Take a survey? Redeem a coupon? Tell a Friend? Share Something?


7. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs win business. They sell without selling. They educate and settle (which is really selling).

They show people what you believe and value and ‘what you would do IF…’ – very powerful – they settle people and lead them to the only logical next step which is usually: ‘Get in touch’ (or similar).

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Get inside your ideal customer’s/client’s head (fears, distrust, worry, concerns, deal breakers, objections) and handle each one with a well crafted FAQ – a common question, then a straight answer in plain speak (like you were explaining it to a friend in front of you).

FAQs really do win business on the web. They help people move to the next logical step – turn them into a lead – help turn them into a sale.

FAQs also save you heaps of time. It’s a few times less each day you’ll have to answer those same questions that keep coming up. FAQs are really the first step towards automating your ‘sales funnel’.

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Write down your top 5 FAQs, then answer them like you were answering a friend – someone you know and respect…


…then imagine this person is a fifth grader.


These 2 combined make sure our we don’t use jargon, don’t use our ‘official’ voice we were taught to write with in school and that people out there looking for answers (in a hurry) will find us relatable, and a breath of fresh air ?.


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As you can now see, The Magnificent 7 was (and is) about what we offer and deliver and how we ‘position’ it.


? Assessing where you’re at with ‘The Magnificent 7’

What points do you need to work on?

Which points do you feel you’re strong on?

Write these down.?


Enlist the help of friends, family and especially strangers. Get them to give you WRITTEN feedback where possible. Just bullets – quick reactions to your ‘Magnificent 7’. Feedback is the breakfast of champions they say.

Here are some standard feedback bullets to check yourself against now…

These will seem a little harsh, but it’s best to check yourself against these ones first. It’s better that I offend you first ? ? … because most people are nice and won’t want to offend…

? Doesn’t sound believable. Is that true? Could you and will you back that up?
? Could that be said better? Are you using superlatives?
? Are you underselling yourself? Are you coming across as an authority? (You should come across as an authority).
? Don’t focus on the price, focus on the result (unless ‘cheap’ is your whole angle).
? Too wordy. What are you really trying to say?
? Too much. No need to harp. You had me at line 1. Just tell me WHY.
? What’s remarkable about that?

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Don’t dwell on what (you offer), get into WHY you offer it. This opens the way for you to tell your Story. People love stories and can be drawn in by your story.


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The 5 Brand Attributes People Find Irresistible

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How to use the Slide Presentation

Click a slide to move to the next, or use the arrows to go forward and back.


? Assessing where you’re at with the 5 Brand Attributes People Find Irresistible

1. Which of the 5 Brand Attributes you are doing well with?
2. Which ones that need the most improving.
3. Will you commit to getting each one of the 5 as powerful and attractive to your ideal prospect as you can? What will you do towards that today?

Do you have a Logo? Yes or No?

Are you happy with it? Yes or No?

Help with your Logo…

Picmonkey is a great free tool you can play with if you want to have a go at making your own logo. Here’s a super quick ‘guide’ to get you going in the right direction…

Go to Picmonkey > At the top, hover over ‘Design’ > Custom Size > 400 x 80 > Click ‘Make it’ > Check ‘Transparent Canvas’ on left > Go Nuts > Keep it Simple (less is more).

Be sure to let me know how you went in the comments below. Or reply to an email I send you (if you click the ‘Click HERE To Get Started’ button below).

The main Logo points to remember again are:

1. Originality. And Simplicity. How can you make it simpler?
2. The Value of the Logo’s Idea (so simple – the “Why didn’t I think of that” factor).
3. Legibility. Can words (if any) be read easily?.
4. Is ‘the idea’ immediately gettable?.

Other things to think about and information to gather when you are getting ready to craft a profit-centered web presence (notice I didn’t just say ‘website’ or ‘blog’?)

Who are you? The Name of your Business. Company name. Company or Business Numbers. Address. Phone. For your Contact Page on your website and certain other profiles.

On what you offer, and being remarkable. What’s your signature?

Do you have an offer or do anything (event) that could make someone say something like: “Oh you mean the guys who do the xyz with the massive abc’s on Thursdays…?”

Be careful not to think “I don’t need an Offer or and Event (scoff), I’m a Baker!” or “I’m a Financial Planner” or “I’m a Fruiterer” (examples). Everyone… every business offers something. Many businesses can leverage Events.

And it’s important to be remarkable.

There’s what you offer. And what makes you remarkable.

What’s your business ‘signature’?

How would the ‘Elevator Pitch’ (of a current customer of yours) sound if they were telling a friend about you/your business?

What do you think they would they say? Is it strong? What would you hope they would say? Is this helping you get clear? Let me know in the comments.

What’s all this got to do with the web anyway?


If we take the time to first determine what our business is, what we deliver, why we do what we do, why people (do or will) love us… and then describe our business, our products, our services, our difference, our story, our ‘why’ honestly, authoritatively and in a relatable way…

…firstly, we’ll attract the exact kind of customers / clients we want.

And then, because we took the time to describe ourselves accurately and in full, we can expect Google will start to help us too.

Obviously this is just the broad strokes of it. I have more I’d like to share with you.


Let’s keep working together…

I totally get it if you don’t want to. I just made you (or at least recommended you) do a lot of work – and made a lot more work for you (lol) ? …

…on the other hand – if you’re getting lots out of what we’re doing, and you want to keep going, I’m confident I can help you succeed with your business – especially if you’re looking to nail ‘the web’.

Regardless of where you’re up to now with your ‘web’, Total Web Formula can lead you into taking charge of your ‘web’… so you begin entering into a position of prominence in your marketplace or space…

…taking ownership of what I call ‘your platform for prominence and profit‘.

That’s what Total Web Formula’s about.

But before you (or I) commit to anything to grand here-now, I’d like to give you access to my free training – something that I believe will be of very high value to you – no strings attached – whether we wound up working together or not.

Inside, I’ll show how you can very quickly, step-by-step put up a new website on WordPress for yourself or anyone. This is free training just like you have here – no strings attached.

You may or may not know – WordPress is the hugely popular, free to use Content Management System (thing you can make a website/blog with) that’s driving 26% of the entire web at the moment – and Google loves it.

Sites like The Facebook Newsroom, MTV News, The Official Star Wars Blog, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Snoop Dogg and The Rolling Stones (to name a few) all use WordPress.

And you can too.

I’d also like to show you how you can start ‘fasttracking’ your results…

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Your new website on WordPress + how to start ‘fasttracking’…



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