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Wordpress is definitely the one of the weapons of web marketing. And although it isn’t a secret, I still see so many entrepreneurs and business owners struggling with outdated web marketing tools and systems that are making things hard to do (unnecessarily complicated), slow to implement, hideously expensive and worst of all – ineffective. Not to mention that many of these business owners are being kept in the dark – web developers and consultants keep pocketing their monthly thousands while business owners don’t realize that the answer to them quickly implementing their own profitable web marketing campaigns is right under their noses for a fraction of the cost.

And it’s no fault of the business owners either, whether it’s an online, web-based or full physical business, entrepreneurs and business owners are often (and understandably) too caught up in the overall running of their business to take the time to learn web marketing for themeselves. And why would they? There is just so much information out there – who on Earth do you listen to and follow? It’s all too technical, too wishy-washy, too overwhelming, too expensive or it seems they have some kind of agenda to get you either selling their stuff or doing things all one way – it’s either all social media, all search engine optimization or all pay-per-click – and often it’s just plain too complicated or unrelated to your business anyway right?

What’s needed is a simple, proven and effective system – a formula that ANY entrepreneur or business owner can follow step-by-step and apply to their business without the need for technical knowledge or experience. A formula of quick and easy-to-follow steps so that absolutely any entrepreneur, business owner or marketer, whether operating locally or globally, anywhere in the world, can take control of their own web marketing – quickly and easily launching their own successful and PROFITABLE web marketing campaigns and strategies without having to over-think anything or spend too much valuable time. At the same time, quickly learning (and applying) critical skills and steps for fully leveraging the web – positioning the entrepreneur/business owner (YOU), and YOUR business as the center of influence (an absolute authority) in your marketplace — whether you’re a small local business or a global one – Position = Profit.

Anyway so that’s exactly what the TOTAL WEB FORMULA™ is about.

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If you’ve already completed the in47minutes free training (the blueprint), awesome! This means you already have your own WordPress site up on your own domain – well done. Keep looking out for the TOTAL WEB FORMULA™ videos – they’ll contain immediately actionable stuff that you’ll be able to begin getting results with.

If you haven’t got a WordPress site up yet, I highly recommend you do it for the reasons I mentioned in the video and many more we haven’t got time to list right here. WordPress is a free application, and I have free training for you that will have you quickly and easily set up with your own WordPress site on your own domain. The idea would be to do it now so when the next free TOTAL WEB FORMULA™ video is released, you’ll be all set to take full advantage ;-)

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