How To Get The Web to Bring You Real Business Without Spending $1000’s on a Website, SEO etc.

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“At last, go-getting entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants and creatives can take charge of their own ‘web’ following an up-to-date, battle-tested formula that’s proven to generate profits…”

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Creator and Founder, Dean Kendall

Hey there it’s Dean Kendall here, creator and founder of Total Web Formula. I’ve been ‘on the web’ since 2001.

Over the years it’s frustrated me to see so many new entrepreneurs, startups and even established businesses struggle (or not even try) to get the business they could from the web.

The problem is – even today – with all that’s on offer, it’s still extremely complicated and expensive to roll out and run a web presence that can produce profit.

But it doesn’t need to be…

Sure there are some heavily advertised products that can help you build a website. But we both know today that a website-alone won’t generate money-in-the-bank business. You need a ‘total’ approach to the web if you are going to be able to keep cutting through the noise of the web and pull profits.

And just because there’s a mention of ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation) on the ‘box’, doesn’t mean your search engine rankings and traffic will just materialise. Things need to be done. But what things? When? And how?

Who has the time to try and work out what actually works?


And that’s why I decided to begin creating Total Web Formula back in 2010. Starting then, and still today, I document exactly what has worked – not just by reading or doing courses (though I have done, and still do plenty of both), but learning by applying – getting real-world results like these…

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Oceans Fencing is a 2-man fencing business operating in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia.

50 emails for quotes and service requests from their website in the last 88 days – No paid advertising. (emails only below – doesn’t include phone-ins)


50 email quote and service requests in 88 days.

50 email quote and service requests in 88 days.


Current position in Google for the search ‘sunshine coast fencing contractors’ (when searching Google from within the sunshine coast region)…


google ranking



Total Web Formula works. Before Total Web Formula we were paying an exorbitant amount of money to a well-known multinational for a digital package that brought us very little, if any business. Now we don’t even advertise. If you get the chance to work with Dean, do it.” – James Fitzgerald, Oceans Fencing


“But the thing to know though is this: Google is just (one) way to get exposure and business…”

One of the most important, yes – but inside Total Web Formula you’ll also learn more immediate ways to get asked to meetings / get inquiry and sales or contracts.

“It’s all about positioning and authority…”

Imagine how good you’ll look – and how much more you would stand out as a consultant if you could refer the people (that you need the attention of) to your OWN website that is professional, relays your experience and demonstrates your value! And your emails come from How much further ahead of the game would you be? Just for these (2) things alone. And there’s much more.

“But ANYONE needs to be able to follow (and quickly)…”

Exactly. Getting the results is one thing – but since the inception of Total Web Formula I’ve also been wrestling with (and real-world testing) the best possible way to transfer each step of the formula in a way that absolutely anyone can follow and understand.

I’ve worked on distilling everything down into short, very achievable tasks that can produce massive wins and results, quickly. Just as one example: it’s actually possible to have your new (professional) website up in an afternoon. Sure there is more to do from there but when you know EXACTLY WHAT to do and it’s broken down into quick, easy steps, more results and wins are always around the corner.

Who’s it for?

Total Web Formula best suits go-getting entrepreneurs, business owners, consultants and creatives who are ready to take charge of their own ‘web’ and profit from their efforts. You may work or want to work in ANY industry or niche. TWF has been battle tested across all type of industries and niches from all angles – from direct selling, lead generation, retail, services, products, affiliate marketing and more.

What next?

I’d love to share more with you about Total Web Formula but — I can only work with a small intake of people at any one time (so me and my team can provide you the best possible information, education and support).

If you feel like Total Web Formula might be for you, click the ‘Next Step’ button below…

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